Primatologist and doctor in Cognitive evolution, I did several research projects on the sociality and vocal communication of wild African monkeys and apes. My research interests focus on primate social behaviour, vocal flexibility and vocal development. For my PhD thesis, I studied the vocal development of the pant-grunt vocalization in the wild chimpanzee of Budongo forest, Uganda. Currently, I am undertaking a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Rennes 1 on the vocal communication of chimpanzees and bonobos and the link between vocal and social flexibility. During the whole year of 2012, I will be in the field, following and recording the wild bonobos of Wamba in DR Congo until June and chimpanzees of Kalinzu in Uganda until December. Please follow this link for updates.

In parallel to my research projects, I am interested in conservation and development to improve the livelihoods of people living close to or within the forests. I founded the BUBWA women’s group (BUdongo Weaver’s Association) in Uganda supported by BCFS, JGI and RZSS. With my partner Fabien de Castilla we recently launched illoco to develop microprojects by using a combination of microconsulting and microfinancing in the remote regions of DR Congo and Uganda (in collaboration with AWF).